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Why Choose a REALTOR®?
When it's time to make one of the most important financial decisions of your life, choose a Toronto Real Estate Board REALTOR® to guide you. REALTORS® are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), who must meet continuing education requirements as well as abide by a strict code of ethics.
Using the services of a Toronto Real Estate Board REALTOR® such as myself you are assured that I am a qualified professional who can:
  • Advise you about current Government Programs that you may benefit from.
  • Provide you with insight into market trends, current market values of similar properties and opinions on values of specific properties.
  • Offer information about the amenities of specific neighbourhoods.
Using my exclusive access to the Toronto Real Estate Board's Multiple Listing Service ®, I can help you search for the home of your dreams in the most effective manner. As well, I will commit to representing your best interests in writing, giving you the confidence that a professional is on your side.
The Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) and your REALTOR®
Like other professionals, a real estate agent is as good as the information at their disposal. The MLS® system (Multiple Listing Service®) is a co-operative system used only by Canada's real estate boards to give maximum exposure of properties listed for sale. About 90% of all resale homes in Canada go through the MLS® system. The real estate system operated by the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), under the MLS® trademark provides ongoing inventory of available properties and other related information. With training, experience and access to this current and timely database system, I can provide invaluable assistance in buying or selling your next resale home. For a seller, I can determine a fair listing price by performing a comparative market analysis (CMA) utilizing the MLS® system's 'REALTORS® Only' side of its website.
This analysis focuses on the geographical location of the subject property and describes the subject property as accurately as possible. Once this is done, the system can be searched to reveal sold, active and expired properties. From the retrieved comparable properties, information such as sold price, list price and average time on the market, I can interpret this information, in light of current trends, and infer a range of fair listing prices. I can then search specific streets, focus on a particular range and analyze active, expired and sold listings to determine a fair listing price. Once listed, I can then use this information to match prospective purchaser's needs.
For a buyer, I can create a profile that depicts the buyer's housing needs in terms of basics such as price and location as well as capturing specific details such as the existence of an en suite laundry, exterior cladding, fireplaces, numbers of bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens, or any subset. The system updates and lists potential properties that meet the buyer's particular needs from all available active properties daily.
I can then search specific properties (suitable active listings and expired comparable properties) and determine historical data such as previous selling prices. Also from the database, I monitor monthly and historical sold statistics to ensure property prices reflect current market conditions. For a buyer that is geographically focused, I can search all active listings on a particular street and have all relevant information including property description, a picture and assessed property values. With the advent of current technologies, some listings allow the salesperson to view the interior of homes right from their computer.
By maintaining a comprehensive list of all active, sold and expired listings as well as historical data, the MLS® system allows me to ensure informed decisions are made for a 'win-win' transaction between both the buyer and seller of resale property.
Source: ©Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). Re-Printed by permission on TaraRosen.com
Real Estate isn't just about buying and selling homes. Real Estate is a business that helps people achieve their hopes and dreams, and doing so in a courteous, friendly and efficient manner is our priority.
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When you're buying property in today's Southern Ontario real estate market, it's so important to have confidence in your real estate professional. Tara's commitment as your dedicated 'Buyer Agent' is to provide you with the specialized real estate service you deserve. Make no mistake, if you want your best interests as a home buyer represented properly and exclusively... YOU WANT A BUYER'S AGENT!
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